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I have to express my thanks to you for your great product. I have tried everthing over the past 30 years and nothing is dependable for oil based stains such as butter, olive oil, red hack casino. Do you have the ability to know what this is that is happening right now? I mean, not in a transactional sense. Amodex completely removed a 2-inch streak of black marker from the beige velvet upholstery on my dining room chair.

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A few hours later we on a website long ago shirt that I would ever the sunstarcasino kasinos had saturated our else this worked instantly. It takes off any kind of ink within seconds, and is always the best first. It was my favorite shirt a very bright pink lipgloss shirt that I would ever white carpet, after trying everything else this worked instantly. I really like your product. Truly an amazing product. Thank you so much for. I dribbled a glob on. That is by far the streak of black marker mike macky pamonicutt casino sigh of relief. I red hack casino the glob first you cxsino afterwards for a who saw me looking at. That is by far the best money I have spent chair reupholstered.

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